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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate Adrian and Pankratz, P. A. Charitable Fund
Donate Alan and Jennifer Vogts 10K Fund
Donate Andover Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund
Donate Bentley Community Improvement Fund
Donate Bethel College Nursing Education Scholarship Endowment Fund
Donate B. Marlo and Ruth Ann Dirks Charitable Remainder Fund
Donate Botanica Gardens Endowment Fund
Donate Central Kansas Community Foundation Endowed Operating Fund
Donate Central Kansas Community Foundation Operating Fund
Donate CKCF Board Designated Operational Fund
Donate CKCF Non-Routine Fund
Donate CPRF Community Mobility Fund
Donate Debra Jean Palmer Memorial Fund
Donate Edward Jones Corporate - Janet Stucky
Donate Harold and Evelyn Gregg 10K Fund
Donate Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice Donor Restricted Fund
Donate Harvey County Food & Farm Council Fund
Donate Harvey HealthBridge Fund
Donate Health Ministries Donor Restricted Fund
Donate Jason and Leigh Stucky Charitable Fund
Donate Kansas Barn Alliance Endowed Fund
Donate KHF Circle of Health
Donate KHF - CKCF Butler County Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
Donate KHF Operating Endowment Fund - CKCF
Donate Leadership Marion County Children's Fund
Donate Leadership Marion County Fund
Donate Leave a Legacy Fund
Donate Leila Lamar Callendar Fund
Donate Leslie E. and Norma K. Schrag Endowment Fund
Donate Lloyd T. Smith Endowed Charitable Fund
Donate L. Marie Haun Charitable Fund for Children
Donate Lowell and Eleanor Forkner and Mr. and Mrs. William Gregory Memorial Fund-Asbury Park
Donate Lowell and Eleanor Forkner and Mr. and Mrs. William Gregory Memorial Fund-Harry Hines Memorial Hospi
Donate Lowell and Eleanor Forkner and Mr. and Mrs. William Gregory Memorial Fund-Harvey County Health Minis
Donate Margaret L. Smith Decker Scholarship Fund
Donate Marilyn Kemme Sjogren Charitable Fund
Donate Marissa Faith Miao Burghart Memorial Art Scholarship Fund
Donate Marvin H. Ewert Chaplaincy Endowment Fund
Donate Melvina Killion Charitable Endowment Fund
Donate National Ghost Ranch Endowment Fund
Donate Newton Medical Center Permanent Endowment
Donate Novalis "Nick" and Pauline Toews Scholarship Fund
Donate Olivia Stucky Charitable Fund
Donate PPREP Recovery & Resiliency Fund
Donate Prairy Foundation Fund
Donate Project SEARCH Marion County Fund
Donate Rachel Stucky Charitable Fund
Donate Richard and Leah May Ross Charitable Remainder Fund
Donate Richard and Leah May Ross Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Seeds of Opportunity Scholarship Fund
Donate Smith Family Charitable Fund
Donate Stucky Family Charitable Fund
Donate Sunflower Performing Arts Endowment Fund.
Donate Susan Claassen Nursing Scholarship Fund
Donate The Community Response Fund
Donate United Way Fund
Donate Virgil and Kaye Penner Family Endowed Fund
Donate Walton Rural Life Charter School Foundation
Donate Wanda Sharp Jansen Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Donate Wells Community Endowment Fund
Donate William E. and Eveanna M. Mosier Family Endowment