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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate Bluejay Lanes Fund
Donate Brent and Brenda Barkman Charitable Family Fund
Donate Clariece and Dean Schroeder Endowed Fund
Donate C. M. Sextro Memorial Math Scholarship Fund
Donate David F. Wiebe Memorial Fund for Hillsboro Pioneer Adobe House and Museum
Donate Demarius Lives Scholarship Fund
Donate Drew Cederberg Memorial Legacy Fund
Donate Earl and Mary Lee Wineinger Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate FACT Marion County Fund
Donate Free Press/Joel Klaassen Journalism Scholarship
Donate Helen and Laurine Schafer Charitable Fund
Donate Hillsboro Area Museums Fund
Donate Hillsboro Community Development Fund
Donate Hillsboro Community Foundation Arts Fund
Donate Hillsboro Community Foundation Operating Fund
Donate Hillsboro Community Fund
Donate Hillsboro Community Relief Fund
Donate Hillsboro Give $360 Fund
Donate Hillsboro High School Citizenship Award Fund
Donate Hillsboro Impact Fund
Donate Hillsboro Kiwanis Opportunity Fund
Donate Hillsboro Outdoor Basketball Courts Expendable Fund
Donate Hillsboro Recreation Commission Fund
Donate Hillsboro Senior Center Expendable Fund
Donate Hillsboro Trojan Family Memorial Scholarship
Donate John A. and Harriet Kizler Wiebe Fund for Hillsboro High School
Donate Joyce A. Barkman Charitable Family Fund
Donate Kansas Health Foundation Fund - Hillsboro
Donate KHF Operating Endowment Fund - Hillsboro
Donate Kleiber Family Charitable Fund
Donate Kleiber Family Expendable Fund
Donate Lehigh City Parks Fund
Donate Marga Ebel Health Fund
Donate Parkside Homes Inc. Fund
Donate Rod's Tire and Service Scholarship Fund
Donate Splash Park Expendable Fund
Donate USD 410 Early Childhood Education Fund