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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Alma Neomah Shroff and Margaret Rittenhouse Charitable Fund
Andover Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund
ARC of Butler County Endowment
Asbury Park Charitable Fund
Augusta Caring Center Fund
Augusta Community Impact Fund
Beaumont Water Tower
Bentley Community Improvement Fund
Bernice Wedel Memorial Scholarship Fund for Halstead High School
Bethel College Nursing Education Scholarship Endowment Fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters Fund
Bluejay Lanes Fund
B. Marlo and Ruth Ann Dirks Charitable Remainder Fund
Brian Arellano Scholarship Fund
BuCART-Butler County Animal Response Team Fund
Carolyn Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund for Halstead High School
Carriage Factory Gallery Endowment Fund
Catlin Community Cemetery Designated Fund
CDDO of Butler County Fund
Centennial/ Railer 100 Endowment Fund
Central Kansas Community Foundation Endowed Operating Fund
Central Kansas Community Foundation Operating Fund
Central Kansas Community Relief Fund
Charles Olson Memorial Instrumental Music Expendable Scholarship Fund
Charles Olson Memorial Instrumental Music Scholarship Fund
Charlsen Insurance Agency Scholarship Fund
Chelsea Gerbitz Scholarship Fund
CKCF Board Designated Operational Fund
CKCF General Pass-Through Fund
Clarence W. Scharff Memorial Scholarship Fund
Clariece and Dean Schroeder Endowed Fund
Clifford and Rubye Angleton Scholarship Fund
C. M. Sextro Memorial Math Scholarship Fund
Colin and Sally Rowell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Colleen McCullough Endowment
Community Center Fund
CPRF Community Mobility Fund
David F. Wiebe Memorial Fund for Hillsboro Pioneer Adobe House and Museum
Dellsea Nachbor Memorial Scholarship Fund
Demarius Lives Scholarship Fund
Denise Lynn Oursler Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dick and Dorothy Miller Hand Up Housing Fund
Donna Schadler Scholarship Fund
Douglass Community Foundation Operating Fund
Douglass Community Impact Fund
Douglass Community Park Fund
Douglass Community Relief Fund
Downtown Christmas Light Fund
Dustin Thiesen Student Opportunity Fund for Goessel High School
Earl Wineinger Memorial Scholarship Fund
El Dorado Community Foundation Operating Fund
El Dorado Community Fund - Parks and Recreation
El Dorado Community Impact Fund
El Dorado Community Relief Fund
El Dorado Prairie Port Festival Fund
Eleanor B. Ewert Memorial Fund
Elk County Community Foundation Operating Fund
Elk County Community Foundation Scholarship Fund
Elk County Community Impact Fund
Elk County Youth Fund
Employment First of Butler County Task Force Fund
English Charitable Endowment Fund
Ericka J. Stucky Fine Arts Fund
Ernest Frank Horn, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
E. S. Sanderson Scholarship Fund
Ewert Family Scholarship Fund
Excel Industries Inc. Scholarship Fund
Fleetwood Scholarship Fund
Flinthills Services, Inc. Fund
Florence Community Foundation Impact Fund
Florence Community Foundation Operating Fund
Florence High School Association Endowed Scholarship Fund
Frank and Geneva Spangler Charitable Fund
Frank L. Spangler Business Education Fund
Fredonia Area Community Foundation Operating Fund
Fredonia Area Community Impact Fund
Fredonia High School Class of '63 Legacy Project Fund
Fredonia Parks Fund
Fredonia Youth Philanthropy Fund
Free Press/Joel Klaassen Journalism Scholarship
G51 Foundation in Memory of Garrett A. Spencer
G51 Scholarship Fund
Galen Haaga Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gary McEachern Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gene and Marcy Wendling Sacred Heart Catholic Church Fund
George Trimble Special Needs Charitable Fund
George Trimble Special Need Scholarship Fund
GiveNow/Newton Giving Tuesday Fund
Goessel Community Foundation Operating Fund
Goessel Community Impact Fund
Goessel Community Seniors Endowed Fund
Grand Central Inc. Fund
Greater Butler County Community Impact Fund
Halstead Community Foundation Impact Fund
Halstead Community Foundation Operating Fund
Halstead Public Service Scholarship
Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice Donor Restricted Fund
Harvey County Food & Farm Council Fund
Harvey HealthBridge Fund
Health Ministries Donor Restricted Fund
Helen E. Claassen Endowment Fund
Helen E Schafer Charitable Fund
Hesston Bethel Performing Arts Endowment Fund
Hesston Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
Hesston Community Foundation Operating Fund
Hesston Community Impact Fund
Hesston High School Baseball Fund
Hesston High School Education Fund
Hesston Junior Golf Fund
Hesston Recreation Project Fund
Hesston Schools Endowed Fund
Hillsboro Area Museums Fund
Hillsboro Community Development Fund
Hillsboro Community Foundation Arts Fund
Hillsboro Community Foundation Operating Fund
Hillsboro Community Fund
Hillsboro Community Relief Fund
Hillsboro Give $360 Fund
Hillsboro High School Citizenship Award Fund
Hillsboro Impact Fund
Hillsboro Kiwanis Opportunity Fund
Hillsboro Outdoor Basketball Courts Expendable Fund
Hillsboro Senior Center Expendable Fund
Hub Fund for Peabody Youth Charitable Fund
Ida "Skip" Rhoades Endowment
Jack W. and Ellen M. Charlsen Charitable Fund
Jacob D. and Beth E. Goering Charitable Fund
James B. and Barbara A. Newton Medical Center Clinical Education Endowment Fund
James B. and Barbara A. Stucky Caring Hands Humane Society Endowment Fund
Jan Elizabeth Saab Endowment
Jean and Virginia Coleman Music Scholarship Fund
Jenny Sundgren Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jeremy Allen Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jim and Shirley Goering Community Development Fund
Jim and Steve Cunningham Nursing Scholarship Fund
JNCCC Scholarship Endowment Fund
John A. and Harriet Kizler Wiebe Fund for Hillsboro High School
John Edwards Scholarship Fund
John G. and Diana C. Torline Endowment for North Newton Fund
Justina D. Neufeld Scholarship Fund
Kansas Barn Alliance Endowed Fund
Kansas Health Foundation Children's Fund
Kansas Health Foundation Fund- Butler County
Kansas Health Foundation Fund - Douglass
Kansas Health Foundation Fund - El Dorado
Kansas Health Foundation Fund - Fredonia Area
Kansas Health Foundation Fund - Halstead
Kansas Health Foundation Fund - Hesston
Kansas Health Foundation Fund - Hillsboro
Kansas Health Foundation Fund - Newton
Kansas Health Foundation Fund - Peabody
Kansas Health Foundation Fund - Remington Area
Kansas Learning Center for Health Endowed Fund
Katherine Hanna Education Trust Endowment Fund
Keith and Marilyn Harsh Scholarship Fund
Keith Sommers Scholarship Fund
KHF Circle of Health
KHF - CKCF Butler County Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
KHF - Hesston Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
KHF Operating Endowment Fund - CKCF
KHF Operating Endowment Fund - Douglass Community Foundation
KHF Operating Endowment Fund El Dorado Community Foundation
KHF Operating Endowment Fund - Fredonia Area Community Foundation
KHF Operating Endowment Fund - Halstead Community Foundation
KHF Operating Endowment Fund - Hillsboro
KHF Operating Endowment Fund - Peabody
KHF Operating Endowment Fund - Remington Area Community Foundation
K.T. Wiedemann Children's Fund of Butler County
Larry and Alma Herl Memorial Fund
Leadership Butler Fund
Leadership Marion County Children's Fund
Leadership Marion County Fund
Leadership Newton Children's Fund
Leadership Newton Leadership Fund
Leave a Legacy Fund
Lehigh City Parks Fund
Leila Lamar Callendar Fund
Leslie E. and Norma K. Schrag Endowment Fund
L. Marie Haun Charitable Fund for Children
Lowell and Eleanor Forkner and Mr. and Mrs. William Gregory Memorial Fund-Asbury Park
Lowell and Eleanor Forkner and Mr. and Mrs. William Gregory Memorial Fund-Harry Hines Memorial Hospi
Lowell and Eleanor Forkner and Mr. and Mrs. William Gregory Memorial Fund-Harvey County Health Minis
Marga Ebel Health Fund
Margaret L. Smith Decker Scholarship Fund
Marilyn and Keith Harsh Memorial Scholarship Fund
Marissa Faith Miao Burghart Memorial Art Scholarship Fund
Marjorie Diekman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Marvin H. Ewert Chaplaincy Endowment Fund
Maxine Krenek Charitable Endowment Fund
May Gruver Scholarship Fund
Melvina Killion Charitable Endowment Fund
Menocause Ignite Valley Center Endowment Fund
Menocause: Ignite Valley Center Fund
Montee-Silverstein Fund for Newton Public Library
Mosier Family Endowment Fund
National Ghost Ranch Endowment Fund
Newton Area Woman of the Year Fund
Newton Area Women of the Year Scholarship Fund
Newton Boy Scouts Opportunity Fund
Newton Community Foundation Operating Fund
Newton Community Impact Fund
Newton Fine Arts Association Endowment Fund
Newton KidsFUNd 10K
Newton Lions Club Scholarship Fund
Newton Medical Center Permanent Endowment
Newton Public Library Building Fund
Nightingale Family Scholarship Fund
North Newton Area Environmental Fund
North Newton Community Foundation Impact Fund
North Newton Community Foundation Operating Fund
North Newton Cultural Enhancement Fund
North Newton Kids Endowment Fund
Novalis "Nick" and Pauline Toews Scholarship Fund
Nygaard Family Scholarship Fund
Parkside Homes Inc. Fund
Partners of Peabody Parks Charitable Fund
Patricia J. Murray Osborn and Chester L. Osborn Scholarship Fund
Peabody Community Foundation Endowment Fund
Peabody Community Foundation Operating Fund
Peabody Community Relief Fund
Peabody Mainstreet Association Endowment Fund
Peabody Senior Center Endowment
Peabody Township Library Endowment
Peabody United Methodist Church Scholarship Fund
Railer 125 Endowment Fund
RD Allen Scholarship Fund
Remington Area Community Foundation Operating Fund
Remington Area Community Fund
Remington Area Community Recreation Fund
Remington USD 206 Edna and Mae Mertz Scholarship
Remington USD 206 Fairy Godmother Fund
Remington USD 206 General Endowment Fund (Klaassen Athletic Memorial)
Remington USD 206 Larry Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund
Remington USD 206 Pat Halabi Memorial Scholarship
Remington USD 206 Student Assistance Fund
Richard and Leah May Ross Charitable Remainder Fund
Richard and Leah May Ross Memorial Scholarship Fund
Riley Greenwood Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert B. Baumann Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rod's Tire and Service & Firestone Agricultural Solutions/North America Division Scholarship Fund
Rupp Lawson Scholarship Fund
Rusty Allen Inkelaar Scholarship Fund
Safehope Endowment Fund
Sally Annette (Souder) Puckett Scholarship Endowment
Second Century Library Endowment Fund - Newton
Second Century Library Foundation - Newton - Operating Fund
Seeds of Opportunity Scholarship Fund
Sexton Scholarship Fund
Sharlene L. Brooks Memorial Fund
Sher Klassen Neufeld Endowment Fund
Snapp Family Scholars Fund
Splash Park Expendable Fund
Sunlight Foundation Fund (SCARF)
Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital Public Health Fund
Susan Claassen Endowment Fund
Susan Claassen Nursing Scholarship Fund
Taylor Family Children's Home Endowment Fund
Terry Lee Kaylor Memorial Scholarship Fund
THUMCF Baber Endowment Fund
THUMCF Building Fund
THUMCF Children and Youth Endowment Fund
THUMCF Education Endowment Fund
THUMCF Landscaping Endowment Fund
THUMCF Library Endowment Fund
THUMCF Missions Endowment Fund
THUMCF Mosier Endowment Fund
THUMCF Music Endowment Fund
Tina Jo Wedel Burton Scholarship Fund
Torline Family Scholarship Fund
Towanda Public Library Facilities Fund
TRI County CASA Fund
Trinity Heights United Methodist Church Foundation Operating Fund
United Way Fund
USD 373 Education Endowment Fund
USD 398 Education Endowment Fund
USD 398 High School Endowment Fund
USD 402 Education Endowment Fund
USD 410 Early Childhood Education Fund
USD 440 Alumni Scholarship Fund
USD 440 Endowment Fund
Vada-Vida Fletcher/Ketch Business Scholarship Fund
Valley Center Community Foundation Operating Fund
Valley Center Community Impact Fund
Valley Center Community Relief Fund
Valley Center Community Scholarship Fund Inc. Endowment Fund
Valley Center Education Foundation Grant Fund
Vernon and Laura Slocombe Memorial Scholarship Fund
Vince Garcia Community Service Scholarship Fund
Virgil and Kaye Penner Family Endowed Fund
Walter and Sidney Ewalt Scholarship Fund
Walton Rural Life Charter School Foundation
Warren R. and Lucile M. Kinney Memorial Endowment Fund
Wayne White Memorial Fund
Wayne Willis Expendable Scholarship Fund
Wayne Willis Scholarship Fund
West Branch Park Improvement Fund
Wichita Heights Alumni Scholarship Fund
Wilma L. Snyder Senior Care Endowment Fund
Women's Community Foundation Endowment
Women's Community Foundation Membership Fund
Women's Community Foundation Operating Fund