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Fund Name Description
Central Kansas Community Foundation
Central Kansas Community Foundation Operating Fund Established 1-1-2010
Central Kansas Community Relief Fund

As of 3-19-2020 this Central Kansas Community Relief Fund is being activated for our entire service region.


Gift Restriction Options

  • If you wish to direct your donation to a specific community or charity, please type that information in the comment box below before checking out. We will direct your donation in line with your wishes.
  • Or, you may maintain an unrestricted gift that will allow our relief fund grant review team to respond to greater needs presented by our charitable and tax exempt providers. In that case, you are not required to type anything into the comment box.


The needs are emerging with each passing day, we want to be equipped to respond with charitable funding to 1) Short-Term/Immediate needs, 2) Mid-Term Evaluation Period and 3) Long-Term Community Recovery and Resiliency. Together we will serve needs better.


If you would like to write a check instead of making an online credit card gift, please mail your contribution to: CKCF 301 N. Main, Suite 200 Newton, KS 67114. If you wish to direct your donation to a specific community or charity, please make note of that in the memo of your check.


Disclaimer: The work required to lead this initiative is valuable and we, like any service provider, may be taxed with greater operational requirements and wish to avoid the risk of destabilization of the Foundation. If that were to happen, we cannot respond, convene or assist. Traditional fees will not be imposed but situational cost recoupment through allocation of a fee or through internal granting for base costs may occur. Be certain we will limit our fees to only that which is necessary. We are committed to adding our own unrestricted resources to the fund to show our commitment. We thank you for joining us in this important effort.


Established 2/26/16 in response to Excel Shootings. Re-opened 3-18-2020 for COVID-19 Community Relief Efforts.

Hillsboro Community Foundation
Hillsboro Community Relief Fund Activated 3-26-2020 in response to the COVID-19 relief efforts. Established 2/14/18
Peabody Community Foundation
Peabody Community Relief Fund Activated 3-25-2020 in response to COVID-19 Efforts. Established 2/8/18
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