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Augusta Community Foundation
  Donate Augusta Community Impact Fund
Established 7-31-2012.
Central Kansas Community Foundation
  Donate Central Kansas Community Foundation Operating Fund
Established 1-1-2010
Douglass Community Foundation
  Donate Douglass Community Foundation Operating Fund
Established 9-18-2013
  Donate Douglass Community Impact Fund
Established 11/13/13
Donate Douglass Community Relief Fund
Activated 4/23/2020 as a result of the COVID-19 Relief Effort. Originally Established 5/30/19.
El Dorado Community Foundation
  Donate El Dorado Community Foundation Operating Fund
Established 3/26/14
  Donate El Dorado Community Impact Fund
Established 4/22/14
Donate El Dorado Community Relief Fund
Activated 3-30-2020 in response to the COVID-19 relief efforts. Established 6-25-18.
  Donate Greater Butler County Community Impact Fund
Established 4/1/09
Elk County Community Foundation
  Donate Elk County Community Impact Fund
Established 4/22/14
  Donate Elk County Youth Fund
Established 7/30/14
  Donate Historic Bank Building Fund
  Donate Howard City Pool Fund
Est. 7/14/20
Florence Community Foundation
  Donate Florence Community Foundation Impact Fund
An endowed fund from which grants are awarded each year while the principal remains intact. These grants are given to nonprofit organizations in the Florence community for the purpose of improving the educational, cultural, civic and economic life in Florence. Established 1/26/11
Fredonia Area Community Foundation
  Donate Fredonia Area Community Impact Fund
Established 4/18/12
  Donate Fredonia Youth Philanthropy Fund
This fund exists to give our youth experience with philanthropy. A student Philanthropy Committee will review grant applications and make grant awards. The goal is not only to encourage our youth to come up with great ideas to benefit others, but also to teach our youth the important process that takes place in a philanthropic organization. Established 10/24/19
Goessel Community Foundation
  Donate Goessel Community Foundation Operating Fund
Established 3/21/11
  Donate Goessel Community Impact Fund
Established 4/25/11
Halstead Community Foundation
  Donate Halstead Community Foundation Impact Fund
Established 4/15/11
  Donate Halstead Community Foundation Operating Fund
Established 12/8/10
  Donate Halstead Community Response Fund
Established 2/7/18
Hesston Community Foundation
  Donate Hesston Community Impact Fund
Established 1/1/10
  Donate Kris Roth Memorial Fund
Hillsboro Community Foundation
  Donate Demarius Lives Scholarship Fund
To award eligible Hillsboro High School graduates based on character, with preference given to applicants pursuing higher education in either communication or journalism. The scholarship was established to honor the memory of Demarius Cox's legacy in the Hillsboro community. Established 7/8/2020
  Donate Hillsboro Community Foundation Operating Fund
To fund operational and promotional expenses of the Hillsboro Community Foundation to assure stability for service to future generations. Fund contributions and earnings are both available for use. Established 4/19/04
Donate Hillsboro Community Relief Fund
To support programs and services providing immediate and long-term recovery services and support following a local disaster or community incident. Fund contributions and earnings are both available for distribution. Activated 3-26-2020 in response to the COVID-19 relief efforts. Established 2/14/18
  Donate Hillsboro Impact Fund
To provide general support for Hillsboro community projects that enhance quality of life for all residents of the Hillsboro area. Established 12/31/06
  Donate Hillsboro Trojan Family Memorial Scholarship
To award eligible Hillsboro High School graduates based on financial need, participation in school activities, and community involvement. Gifts to the fund may be made either in honor or in memory of a classmate, faculty or staff member of USD 410. Established 11/12/20
  Donate Marion County 4-H Endowment Fund
To provide ongoing support of Marion County 4-H activities, including education, citizenship and leadership development and other projects. Established 10/5/14
Newton Community Foundation
  Donate Brian Arellano Scholarship Fund
Established 1-30-2013
  Donate Newton Area Women of the Year Scholarship Fund
Established 8/16/18
  Donate Newton Community Foundation Operating Fund
Established 9/21/18
  Donate Newton Community Impact Fund
Established 10/23/17
  Donate Peggy Deitz Endowment Fund
Established 11/29/02
Newton Public Library Foundation
  Donate Newton Public Library Building Fund
  Donate Newton Public Library Operating Fund
Established 8/4/11
North Newton Community Foundation
  Donate North Newton Community Foundation Impact Fund
Established 12/7/11
Peabody Community Foundation
  Donate Angel "ACE" Torres Legacy Fund
A life lived in kindness and service is remembered through this legacy fund which will support local charitable causes in the name of Angel Torres.
  Donate Peabody Community Impact Endowment Fund
Grants are made from this fund to charitable organizations in the Peabody community during the Foundation’s annual grant cycle. The PCF board of directors oversees annual grant distribution.
  Donate Peabody Pool Maintenance Expendable Fund
This expendable fund will support City Pool maintenance and improvements in the coming years.
  Donate Sunflower Theatre Fund
This expendable fund supports the renovation of Peabody’s historic Sunflower Theatre.
Remington Area Community Foundation
  Donate Dolly Parton Imagination Library Fund
Established in September, 2021 to provide funds to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library to purchase books for community children from birth to five years of age. New and exciting reading adventures each month.
  Donate Remington Area Community Fund
Established 9/27/11
  Donate Remington Area Community Recreation Fund
Make a donation to the Community Recreation Fund this Giving Tuesday! Established 11/5/14 to provide funds to purchase exercise equipment for the Community Wellness Center, which was included in the Remington High bond project.
Valley Center Community Foundation
  Donate Valley Center Community Foundation Operating Fund
Established 12/18/13
  Donate Valley Center Community Impact Fund
Established 4/23/14
  Donate Valley Center Community Relief Fund
Activated 4/16/2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Established 8/28/18
Women's Community Foundation
Donate Impact Grant Fund


Each year the Women's Community Foundation (WCF) Board hosts an annual campaign to raise money for their general and endowed funds for the purpose of awarding grants to non-profit organizations serving Harvey County. WCF welcomes anyone to join this diverse and inclusive group of women making an impact and improving quality of life for those most in need with a contribution of any amount at any time.

The Women’s Community Fund is an unrestricted charitable fund used for support of the Women’s Community Foundation and most importantly Grants to local charities for projects and programs making a difference in people’s lives.

  Donate Women's Community Foundation Endowment


To make a donation, please choose a link from the list below
  • Women's Community Foundation Endowment
  • Jan Elizabeth Saab Endowment
  • Colleen McCullough Endowment
  • Skip "Ida" Rhoades Endowment
  • If you have questions or need assistance with your donation, please contact Melinda Newell at 316-283-5474 or by email at

      Donate Women's Community Foundation Operating Fund

    Established 10/29/15

    This fund supports the general operations of the Women's Community Foundation.

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